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TEAM 4907:


Thankfully, as restrictions have lightened, we have been able to meet in person, while still adhering to the COVID-19 restrictions. We are very hopeful this competition season will be hosted in person and our team will be able to show off the amazing robot we are planning on building!

Last year, in the thick of the pandemic, when our team wasn't able to meet in person, we met virtually every week. Thanks to technology and the internet, our team was also able to compete in virtual competitions and challenges. The team worked very hard on the submitted competitions that were given out by FIRST. We created submissions for Innovation, Game Design and the Infinite Recharge at Home challenges.


Over our seven-year history, The ThunderStamps have developed six different robots specifically designed to accomplish different tasks. Each one of them has gone through a process of prototyping, design, assembly, and constant revision.

Learn more about our robots and what they can do.

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We are a student-run team of 30+ students ranging from grade 9 to grade 12. Every year we compete in competitions directed by FIRST Canada (For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology).

Our team is made up of five divisions: Build, Programming, Sponsorship, Media and Communications. Each division has a specific role within the team throughout the whole year, not just at kick-off.

Every year we are given from Kickoff until our first competition to plan, build and program a robot before competing against other teams. At the competitions we team up with two other teams and strive to gain as many points possible as a team.

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